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What is a section 19 permit and when do you need one? 

A Section 19 permit is used by educational and similar bodies to allow them to charge running costs for the use of a minibus to transport their students or employees. The key here is “not for profit”. Running costs are fine, but not profit. This permit is provided to the business rather than the individual driver. You will need a permit for each vehicle you use at the same time.

You can apply for a minibus permit if you need to charge passengers, as long as:

  • the vehicle can carry between 9 and 16 passengers
  • you’re driving it for a voluntary organisation that benefits the community - for example, an educational, religious or sports organisation
  • the minibus service is only available for members of that organisation - not to the general public
  • any charges are to cover running costs and are not for profit

You can apply for a minibus permit from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Please see the link below for more information on Section 19 permits.